Promotional Cool Bags for Additional Branding For Your Business


Promotional bags have been with us for a long time for decades, businesses have printed them and given them out as a way to improve branding. What hasn’t been around for long and which is so much cooler is promotional cool bags that are designed to carry lunch and snacks. These bags are insulated to make sure that everything that is kept in them stays cool and then they are branded with your logo so that everywhere they are carried your brand is instantly visible. Promotional lunch bags come in all sorts of designs and they can be designed to meet various needs.


Promotional cool bags can be excellent gifts for your best customers and you can also give them out at conferences or you can even distribute them among other businesses the idea is to get them out there for better brand awareness. One place that would be great to hand out such bags would be at local sports or athletics meets.

If there is a local football event scheduled to happen soon, for instance, you should have some bags printed and then grab a stall and hand them around especially to people who you know to be health conscious. These kinds of people tend to carry their lunch from home rather than eat junk from the local diner. Every time they carry their lunch to the park during lunch hour they will be showing off your brand and you will become more visible in the community.

You can even pitch your promotional cool bags from a health angle.

Why not hand them out and tell people that your company is interested in seeing the community become healthier by avoiding the fast food joints at lunchtime and carrying their own lunch from home? It is very easy for communities to rally around these kinds of causes and regardless of whatever business niche you are in you will soon find that you are much better known in the community.

Regardless of where you hand them out branded cool bags will give you the additional mileage that you need when it comes to branding.

Think About Quality!

It is very important that you choose your supplier carefully you don’t want to get low-quality bags. The most common defect in these kinds of bags is that they don’t keep cool as promised and sometimes, especially in the summer months food that is kept in them can go bad.

Before you hire a supplier to ask them to send you a few samples for you to try out they should be able to keep cool for at least 4 or 5 hours. You should also be looking for a supplier who is willing to extend discounts since you will be buying in bulk.