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The Importance Of Using Promotional Gifts Prior to Exhibitions

Using promotional gifts and incentives prior an exhibition can play a great role in drawing traffic to an exhibitors booth, hence helping in maximizing the companies resources both in money and time. Using promotional items as an incentive alongside another contact before the show gives you an advantage over other competitors who are eyeing for the same customers attention.

Promo Gifts for Exhibitions

All successful exhibitors reach out their prospective customers long before the show. In addition to the free items, you can send a direct email to your customers inviting them to visit your booth. You additionally can make use of other social media enhance your communication prior the exhibition.
There are several exhibition gifts that you can give to your customers. You can choose to include branded items that carry the image of your company out there. You can choose a range of items running from promotional pens, car chargers, umbrellas, flashlights, et cetera. However, choosing the right giveaway gift may be a bit difficult. This article will give you the guidelines on choosing the most suitable giveaway.

Features of a good trade show giveaway…

There are numerous options that you can choose from, but not all are the best ones. The selection process can become a bit hard, but these guidelines will help you in making the right choice.

It must be intriguing

A good giveaway gift for an exhibition should be unique or extremely useful. This is to ensure that the item of your choice does not end up in the dustbin once the attendees leave the show. Choose an item that they are likely to use for a long period. This will leave a long impression on your customers. For instance, you can choose a promotional tablet stylus over a branded ink pen.

Choose a great branded item

Ensure that you include a logo on the items that you choose to give as gifts. Also, make sure that all these items are consistently branded and use the same fonts, logo, typeface, and colour on all your items.

Make sure it’s cost effective

The quality is paramount to quantity while giving away the gifts. Make a budget that you can comfortably afford and stick to it. It is better if you hand out fewer items to selected and targeted audiences than giving away cheap items to please everyone. Cheap items last for a short time and people will quickly forget about your company.
Using exhibition promotional items before the show as a marketing effort is effective in building booth traffic and increasing customer awareness. This leads to increased traffic which increases the sales and overall profits for your company. Use giveaway gifts before any trade show to increase the chances of more customers purchasing your product or service. The impression created by these gifts lasts long to your consumers.