Tracking Your Promotions It’s Important Stuff

Everywhere you look you are going to see products with different companies names on them. These could be branded pens that have been given out as a promotional gift, or even the personalised shopping bags given to us when we go shopping. Having your brand image circulating in an environment that isn’t your workplace is important for bringing in new customers. Each time your product is spotted, that’s another potential customer that you could receive.

What many of us don’t realise is how important it is to keep tabs on how many customers we receive because of these promotional items. It’s always good to be getting new business, but it’s also important to know where your promotions aren’t doing so well. Tracking your promotions will give you insight that you didn’t have before so you know how to effectively manage your funds for future campaigns.

Tracking Your Promotions

What Are The Benefits Of Tracking My Promotions?

Knowing where your customers heard about your business is great for knowing where your promotions are working, and where they aren’t. Pumping money into a promotion that isn’t generating any customers is not only bad for your bank. But it may also mean that people don’t like the way you have promoted yourself.

On the other hand, if you run a promotion that you can see does incredibly well, you could potentially put increased funds into it next time. Whether you were giving away some free items, running a contest or anything else. Having better things to entice customers with could bring in a bigger crowd.

How Do I Track My Promotions?

There are a few different ways you can track your promotions, and the way you do it depends on where you get your customer.

If a customer comes into your store it’s really easy to find out how they found you, are you ready? Ask them, it’s that simple, don’t try to force them to answer but as long as you are polite about it most people will be happy to tell you.

If customers visit your website then I recommend setting up landing pages for your promotions. This way you will be able to see on your end exactly how many people went to the link you provided in an email, or how many people scanned your QR code on a particular item. Setting up a landing page shouldn’t be too difficult to do, just speak with whoever is in charge of your website.

I hope that with this little bit of information you can go on to make better-informed decisions in your future campaigns that can help you to become even more successful. We have loads of great items for you to use in your own promotional campaigns here at Positive Media Promotions.

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