Use Promotional Sunglasses to Promote Your Business this Summer

Promotional Sunglasses

One of the hottest new promotional items for businesses this summer is promotional sunglasses. Companies are now branding cool eyewear and then giving it away for free so as to increase brand awareness. It has proven to be very effective for two main reasons everyone, men and women, wears sunglasses and in addition to that, they don’t just wear them in the summer but in all kinds of weather. This means that your business is getting promoted year through. The other reason why this makes so much sense as a marketing idea is that sunglasses can be easily obtained at factory prices for a very reasonable amount you will get a lot of publicity.

Your customers will definitely love that you are giving them this cool gift it doesn’t matter that it is branded with your logo. So long as the sunglasses are stylish you can be guaranteed that both men and women will not hesitate to don them on once they are outdoors. Better yet, you can do more than just print your logo on them why not write a small marketing message on a card to go out with every pair? That way, anyone who doesn’t know what your business is about will immediately have an idea. Or you can have a message written on the sunglasses themselves the arms can accommodate a few words.

When you are looking for a company to provide your promotional sunglasses it is best to work with one that can customize. You obviously want glasses that are designed to promote your business and for that to happen they need to have a particular look. Before you hire anyone to supply you with your promotional items ask them to send over a few different samples so that you can see what is available. Check the quality too the last thing you want is sunglasses that fall apart at the slightest handling.

Discounts are also important. When it comes to giveaway manufacturers have to be flexible with prices because of bulk orders. Someone who places a large order will not get the same unit price as someone who places a small one. It is important to compare providers how much discount do you get for 1,000 pieces? 1,500 pieces and so on. The winning supplier is obviously the one with the lowest price for the highest number of pieces. Also, find out about packaging. Sunglasses are often sold as stand-alone items without a pouch to put them in but if you can find a manufacturer who can squeeze in some packaging it will make things all the better. Don’t choose leather packaging as that can be rather expensive. Instead, go for a material that has a similar look but that is cheaper. If you want to send some of the sunglasses to executives and stakeholders you can select leather packaging for them.

Before you order find out how long it will take for the order to be delivered. Many giveaway suppliers are usually slumped in the summer because so many companies want products in these months. You obviously don’t want to order sunglasses in the summer only for them to arrive in the fall. Good giveaway suppliers take between a few days and a week to fill every order.

Help your business stand apart by giving away promotional sunglasses this summer.

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