Ways In Which Charities Can Use Promotional Silicon Wristbands To Raise Money


Charities have helped many people in need by providing financial, spiritual, physical, mental and mental help. These organisations require money in order to provide aid to needy people. Some of the charitable establishments have sponsors who play a crucial role in getting grants from the government but at times they are required to come up with other ways of raising money. Printed wristbands and silicone wristbands are one of the many ways in which charities can raise money for their noble causes.
Promotional Wristbands

Printed wristbands can be made from different materials like Tyvek, silicone or soft plastic. This type of wristbands can be printed with the charity logo or a message. They can be custom made with different colours and the messages imprinted on them can be provided by the charities or manufacturer.

Silicone wristbands are the perfect choice for charity campaigns as they are inexpensive and readily available. They provide a simple and effective way for charities to spread their message and raise money charities can use their colour and a simple message that can provide support with an easy way to demonstrate their support in public. They come in different designs and sizes suitable for kids, teens and adults.

The different types of silicone wristbands are De-bossed, which has lettering that is engraved. Infilled wristband, the lettering is engraved and then flooded with contrasting ink. Embossed wristbands have raised lettering which can be plain or screen printed with a contrasting colour. Segmented wristbands are made by incorporating up to three colours in divided segments within the wristband. Glow wristbands are made of a variety of colours which glow in the dark. Swirl wristbands have up to two colours mixed to create a swirled effect. Plain wristbands have no printing or engravings. Most of these wristbands are of high quality and can last a long period.

The different types of promotional wristbands can be used to raise money for charities in the following ways.

Charities can purchase the wristbands and market themselves in the social media. The audience in social media platform is huge as the promotional wristbands are attractive and many, people will likely buy to support the cause. We have a wide range of Branded Wristbands available for you here at Positive Media Promotions.

They can also order different colours, designs and custom messages which will enable people to purchase more than one. This will lead to more sales hence more money. As wristbands can be worn in public, people who are not aware of the charity get to know through friends and strangers wearing them. Due to the varied designs and colours available for promotional wristbands, people can never lack a piece that attracts them. The suppliers are many hence prices for promotional wristbands are very competitive. Charities buy in bulk and can, therefore, get discounts which significantly lower the prices.


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